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About the CD “Finger Swingin'”

jazztimes.com, may 2012

The fluid elegance of Fabien Degryse’s guitars illustrates the aural beauty of fingerstyle playing, which is in full bloom on his latest album, “Fingerswingin.” A collection of mesmerizing instrumentals, Degryse has the ear of a poet and the visual perspective of a film-noir director. The result is an atmospheric and lushly melodic work. Just listen to “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” and imagine Degryse painting the skies with his guitar.”

Jazzcorner.com, march 2012

Given the bold self-confidence and knife-sharp precision of his performances on Fingerswingin’, it’s hard to imagine that Degryse once struggled with these makeovers. “Fly Me to the Moon,” for example, is awash with shimmering romanticism; Degryse’s version caresses the heart like a silky kiss.

allaboutjazz.com, february 2012

Each track is sculpted in Degryse’s trademark fingerstyle playing. Each string of Degryse’s acoustic guitar has a sensuous chime; throughout the album it produces a calming, hypnotic effect that is nearly impossible to pull away from.


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